Outdoor décor is not our favorite thing to do.  We spend hours creating the perfect décor for your event…..only to see it destroyed in a matter of 5 minutes during inclement weather.

However; we understand that our customers DO want to have outdoor décor for their event and they DO want to take that risk.

We cannot guarantee outdoor décor.  Even though we take every single pre-caution possible, there are still issues that can arise with outdoor décor.  Arches may tip.  Columns may tip.  Balloons may pop.  Foil balloons may explode.

Here are some useful pieces of information regarding outdoor décor.

  1.  Helium Expands.  When balloons are outside in hot air, the helium expands.  This expansion may cause the balloon to pop.  This is the case whether the balloon is foil or latex.  The very best balloons for outdoor use are BUBBLE balloons.
  2. Columns may tip.  If you are getting columns for outdoor use, please mention to an associate that your balloons are going outdoors.  We build outdoor balloon columns on cement blocks.  These cement blocks withstand 7-8 mile an hour winds.  They could tip.  You can use fishing wire and stakes to stake the columns to the ground if it is windier outside.  This generally helps if you stake the balloons in the direction of the wind.
  3. An arch may tip.  An outdoor balloon arch may tip over if winds exceed 10 miles an hour.  We can stake the arch with fishing wire into the ground if there is a grassy area nearby for us to use our stakes.  Due to liability issues, we will switch an outdoor arch order to a “column” order if we feel that the arch could tip over causing injury to your guests.
  4. Outdoor arches which use the 34 inch letters or numbers (Prom Arch, 2016 Arch) are very prone to whipping around in the wind which may cause damage to the arch.  The numbers or letters may not photograph well if the wind is making them lie sideways. The cold weather will shrink the balloons and the hot weather could cause them to explode.
  5. Balloons lose their shine.  Everyone loves the look of shiny balloons!  But within minutes of being outdoors, balloons will lose their luster.  The outside elements are tough on the balloons…especially the sun and the wind.
  6. Clear balloons oxidize.  Clear balloons turn cloudy very quickly when they are outdoors.  Designs which feature balloons in balloons are not for outdoor use because they will become cloudy within 20 minutes.
  7. No guarantees.  There are absolutely no guarantees with outdoor balloon décor.  They may tip, pop, break, explode, oxidize, sway, twist, shrink or shrivel.  If you have a 60-80 degree day with sun or shade and low or NO winds…..your outdoor décor will look AMAZING and it will help create a very memorable occasion.  But, it’s a chance that YOU need to take.

🙂  Amy

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