How Can We Help You Best?

At It’s My Party, we strive to help all of our customers create the perfect event.  Our store is extremely busy, so this can often be a challenge when we have customers who are looking for individual attention.  If you are looking for custom décor, here are some ideas…..

  1.  Schedule an appointment.  Think of us like your favorite salon.  If you are getting a few bottles of shampoo or a quick cut…..chances are, you will be in and out real quick.  Same here.  Need a quick bouquet or a few latex balloons?  You will be in and out. We promise.   BUT, again using the hair salon analogy,  if you are requesting hi-lights….a perm….or a consultation to create a completely new look… WILL need to schedule time to meet with your favorite hair-dresser for individualized attention.  We accept appointments Monday through Thursday.  After hour appointments are also available by request.
  2. Come in with pictures of your venue.  This helps us with placement of décor. This helps us know where windows are….know how tall ceilings are…the colors of the room, etc.
  3. Come in with a diagram of your table placement, gift table placement, etc.  indicating where you are looking to place the décor.
  4. Bring pictures with of ideas that you like.  This can be as simply as screen shots from your cell phone.  This helps us get a feel for your taste so that we can serve you better.
  5. Know the details of your event.  Have the exact delivery address and the exact time of your event.


We look forward to helping you create the décor for your next event.  Thank you for taking the time to review these suggestions.  It truly helps us help serve you better and that is our goal.


Amy 🙂