What’s Organic?

Hi Friends!

Lately, our customers have been bring us lots of PINTEREST pictures of organic balloon decor.  We thought we’d take a moment to comment on this trend….as there is a lot to say about it!

I’m a huge fan of organic vegetables.  I juice organic celery, carrots and apples every day and I think it’s huge reason I never get sick and I have tons of energy to run this successful little balloon shop. BUT, that’s not the type of organic I’m talking about here today.

Organic Balloon Decor, what it is?  In 2017, I attended a balloon convention and we learned about organic balloon decor from an Australian guy named Chris Adamo.  He showed us his techniques and we couldn’t wait to come back to start trying it out!  Organic balloon decor includes the use of balloons in a variety of sizes, shapes and textures.  It isn’t rigid or based on a pattern.  It is free-flowing and if you think of a vine that curls and crawls all over a wall, we think that’s a good comparison.

Here are some of our organic designs and a few comments along the way.  The most important thing we need to share on the subject is that our work will NOT look like the Pinterest Pictures you bring in!  It is nearly impossible to duplicate a design with so many sizes, colors and textures and while we do our best to capture your overall vision….we simply cannot guarantee it will look the same.


The above project is an organic half arch.  It is built on a 10 foot piece of aluminimum with an added 2 feet of conduit, for a project measuring 12 feet long from bottom to top.  It is a mixture of different sized balloons….5 inch, 11 inch, 16 inch and 36 inch are ALL represented here.  Why do organic projects cost more?  MORE MATERIALS!  We also added some confetti filled balloons to this project for an extra POP!



Here is another example of an organic half arch.  This one measured 10 feet tall and 4 feet wide on the top.  We used a mixture of 5 inch, 11 inch and 16 inch balloons.  We used one 36″ balloon on the bottom to create a bigger bottom.  In this project, we used polka dotted, matte, pearl, and agate balloons.  Our customer loved the finished project and commented about the “variety” of balloons that we used.  That’s why you always go to a professional for a project like this who has a shop FULL of different balloons!


This project was Out of this World!  Mom is a big time party fanatic and her parties are always over the top!  This half arch included chrome, agates, stars, glitter, confetti and even some “rings!” to give the effect of planets!  No rules here….no measurements, no pattern….it was all random.  Organic balloon decor can unleash the creativity in our entire team!

These are our favorite organic HALF arches….next time, I’ll talk about the organic table runners and swags.

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