New Year’s Eve

I don’t know about you, but when I think of New Year’s Eve I think of balloons. More specifically  I think of balloon drops! This New Year’s Eve staple is still an exciting, fun, awesome, cool, thrilling, awesome, jaw-dropping, awesome, and stunning (did I say AWESOME already?) way to ring in the new year! Shower your guests with balloons as they party in the New Year. Of course balloon drops are not the only way to decorate for New Year’s Eve! Table top centerpieces are simple and elegant. Columns, towers, and arches too! Oh My! Don’t forget the 3 foot balloons!NEWYEARSEVE3

New Year's Eve Arch

New Year’s Eve Arch

newyearseve7 newyearseve4 newyearseve8

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve

  1. I’ve always enjoyed party and event planning. I’ll probably be throwing a New Year’s Eve party for work next year, and so I really appreciated this post. I really liked the colors that were used here for the balloons, and I like how the center pieces on the table match the theme of the rest of the party. Thanks for sharing this, as this seems like a good investment!

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