Bar Mitzvah Balloon Decor

Entryway Balloon Decor

Entryway Balloon Decor

Bar Mitzvah Balloon Décor

We recently worked with a customer on a Bar Mitzvah for her two sons.  While the design was quite simple, the final effect was quite stunning.  36″ balloons make quite an impact!

The entrance was a BIG entrance!  It featured a clear “Congrats” 36 inch balloon filled with many little balloons on top of a balloon column.  The balloon column had 2 18″ foil stars with the names of her son’s.  The design also used THICK ribbon.

The balloon arch was very simple…..and it framed the welcome photo (not yet in place).

Bar Mitzvah Centerpiece

Bar Mitzvah Centerpiece

The 36″ centerpiece that our customer chose featured the THEME of her son’s Bar Mitzvah in THICK font.  We also place a collar on the balloon and used THICK red ribbon.  A simple 2 row base made an attractive weight.

Three Foot Balloons

Three Foot Balloons

For the tables where the kids sat, she chose the same type of design but with a slight variation.  We put the 36 inch balloons on a clear plastic tube filled with Jelly Belly Candy.  We sell Jelly Belly Candy by the pound.

Balloon Centerpiece Bar Mitzvah

Balloon Centerpiece Bar Mitzvah

At It’s My Party, we will help you plan your décor for your next event.  For quotes and consultations, schedule a consultation with Amy by calling 219-322-7777.  Or e-mail:

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