Do It Yourself Balloon Supplies

At Home DIY enthusiasts who enjoy doing their own balloon decor can find everything they need to make balloon decor right here in our Northwest Indiana Store.

How do you make a balloon arch?  This simple kit (pictured below) makes it easy to make your own arch.  Just inflate the balloons, tie into quads, and wrap them around the arch pole.  Call 219-322-7777 for pricing.  Allow 1 week for shipping.

Arch and Column Kit

Arch and Column Kit

Helium Tanks for Sale and Helium Tank Rentals.  Rent or own.  It’s Up to You!  An initial investment may seem overwhelming.  But keep in mind, once you purchase the tank and the inflator….it is YOURS to keep.  We will refill your helium tanks ($30.00 small and $60.00 large) in our Dyer, IN store 6 days a week.  Rentals are for a THREE DAY PERIOD.   For instructions on how to use a tank, our associates will be more than happy to demonstrate.

Helium Tank Rentals

Helium Tank Rentals

We also sell two different types of AIR inflators.  Use an air inflator when making columns on a base or an arch with the arch kit.  The air inflators make it simple to do your own balloons!

Zoom Air Inflator

Zoom Air Inflator

We also sell a complete line of latex balloons in different shapes an sizes, balloon lights and other supplies you might need to do your own balloons.  Stop by our store at 811 Joliet Street, Dyer, IN.  We are open 7 days a week.

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