60’s Themed Party

Recently one of our customers contacted us so that we could add some balloons to her “groovy” 60’s themed party.  Our customer had a lot of great ideas.  We can’t take credit for much……except that we assembled the balloons the way that she asked. 

As a “ticket” into her party, she gave her invited guests a necklace with a PEACE sign on it.  Guests had to wear the necklace to get into the party and to be served.  Her guest list was small…..just 15 of her co-workers and she wanted to make it very special for them.  She did well.

When guests entered the country club, they sat in the bar area.  To mark the bar tables “reserved,” she had us create tabletop centerpieces.

Mark the tables "reserved" with balloons.

Mark the tables “reserved” with balloons.

Once guests were ready to move into the “Party Room,” they were directed by 2 brightly lit balloon columns to the right room.  She also had some danglers coming down from the door.

Balloon Columns for Entrance

Balloon Columns for Entrance

Inside the party room, she used balloons to hi-light the following places:  Gift Table, Dessert Table and Guest Tables.  These are the most common areas to hi-light inside of an event.

60's Themed Balloons

60’s Themed Balloons

60's Themed Table Centerpiece

60’s Themed Table Centerpiece

60's Themed Tabletop Columns

60’s Themed Tabletop Columns

Our customer had some really great ideas…..she had candy from the 60’s, a Snow Cone Machine, Confetti and coordinating table products.  

Her 65th birthday was very special and she was such a special customer because her heart was so big and she was doing this for her co-workers to give them a special event.  It’s just another reason we LOVE what we do 🙂  Amy and Brian

go to WWW.Balloonsatitsmyparty.com

Call 219-322-7777


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